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"Living Reality: A collection of Inspirational Poetry

Excerpts from "Living Reality:  A Collection of Inspirational Poems" by Audrey Virges

On this page you will find excerpts from my book.

                                                                    Let GOD Handle It

There are problems in life

That we can't handle

Sometimes we think we can.

GOD can sovle any problems that we have

He made us HE's the man.

If we attempt to handle our problems

Then will GOD leave them alone,

The way we go about solving them

Twice as much will surely go wrong.

Sometimes it's best to keep silent

As a baby bird in a nest

Don't let your temper get the best of you

Or you will really make a mess.

Let GOD handle it because HE can

HE can see farther than we can see

The results may not come out the way we think

But it will come out the way it's supposed to be.

                        Pray and Believe and You'll Receive: Pray and Doubt  and You'll do Without

Powerfull things happen when you pray and believe

Whatever is in GOD's will for you

Believe and you'll receive

But as sure as you pray

And you're already in doubt

Everything you prayed for

You'll surely do without

Pray and believe and you'll receive

Whether it's something big or small

GOD has cattle on a thousand hills

HE's able to give it to you all

So trust in HIM with all your heart

Then doubt will not within you be a part

So as sure as you pray and you believe

Get ready for your blessing

That you're going to receive.

                             Weeping May Endure for a Night, but Joy Cometh up in the Morning

Weeping may endure for a night

But joy cometh up in the morning

But will in the morning be tomorrow?

Or another day of weeping to endure?

If in the morning was tomorrow

All night would we stay awake

Anticipating the joy that would await at daybreak.

When trouble comes, it seem to hang in there a long time

But there's hope in JESUS, HE'll give ease to a troubled mind.

So many times in the morning is not tomorrow

But GOD will ease the pain until the morning comes.

Keep praying and hang on in there;

GOD's will must be done

So if in the morning is not tomorrow

Keep trusting God for a new day of adorning

Because weeping may endure for a night

But joy cometh up in the morning.


                                                              We Are Very Blessed

Whether you believe it or not

We are very very blessed.

Because GOD woke us this morning

And with JESUS in our hearts

That's blessed at its best.

So what if we don't drive the finest car

Or eat in the finest restaurants every meal

Or have money to throw away

Like as do some of the big wheels.

What if the clothes we wear

Are not really the top of the line?

We are still truly blessed

Just keep them neatly ironed.

What if the home in which we live

Is not a mansion on a hill?

We are truly blessed with what we have

That we can afford to pay the bills.

And your job you have you're blessed with

Although you have no degree?

Do it to the best of your ability

For it will help you meet your needs.

If you think you're not blessed

Take a deep breath,

And see if the air is yours to give.

If you think you're not blessed,

Began loosing your breath

Then will no other blessing matter but to live.