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"Living Reality: A collection of Inspirational Poetry

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I am Audrey M. Virges.  I was born in Chickasaw County, MS in the year 1959.  I am married.  My husband and I have three children and two grandchildren.  I am a substitute teacher as well as a Regional Global Network Inc. recruiter and educational director.  I am a Sunday school teacher and church musician.  I am also an entreprenuer.

I never dreamed of being an author, but I am  thankful to God for giving me the gift of writing poetry.  I received that gift in the month of May 2007.   Prior to that year,  I had not written three poems in my life.  I have had the added advantage of life experiences to help me write more indept poems about every day  life.  I am eager and very proud to share my poems with one and all.  The title of my book is "Living Reality: A Collection of Inspirational Poems".

The reader will received a wonderful blessing in reading this book because the poems contain wisdom reminding us that we can make it through this life's journey with God's help.  They are written to lift His name.  Just knowing that what GOD helped me write to bring inspiration to others gives me the reassurance that my living is not in vain.